about Philip



There are some who have a natural empathy and understanding of dogs and puppies that can help others develop a close bond with their animal. Philip is one of those whose gift and ability and understanding of dog psychology has helped multiple families. 

Philip has worked with the top trainers nationally, who train working dogs such as for police, search & rescue, & detection dogs. Now he works mostly with private families. 

Drawing on a lifetime of working with dogs, he dedicates much of his time simply listening closely to what the dog is signalling and feels a deep understanding for their needs. Rehabilitating many rescue dogs and puppies has taught him how to communicate, and to follow their individual journey has been his research.   

Working closely with dogs and puppies from every possible background with every possible training problem has given him a framework of tools to help dogs and their families bond in a therapeutic and connected way.  

His training provides a bespoke service and Philip is completely dedicated to helping dogs and their owners improve the quality of the relationship through proper professional training.  Humans have had a special relationship over thousands of years, based on mutual support. This mutual support has become unbalanced in modern times and Philip seeks to put that balance back in place.