What’s Best For You? dog training


Nervous or anxious dogs and puppies can feel extremely vulnerable in a class setting. It’s very stressful for this kind of dog to have to train alongside other dogs and their owners. A kinder, quicker and more effective method is to have a personal trainer

Dogs and puppies from rescue centres have special needs. From their point of view, they have been abandoned and put through a thoroughly difficult situation. They may have a particular training problem which has caused their need for re-homing. A personal trainer can get to the root of the problem quickly and effectively

Dogs or puppies who suffer from fear aggression  are a huge strain on their owner, who will quite often try and isolate the dog as much as possible from strangers and other dogs; which leads to a very imbalanced life for both. A personal trainer can work wonders with these dogs and change their lives around to one of complete trust and contentment

Dogs and puppies with a very particular training problem can be a big issue within a family, impacting heavily on their day to day lives. Classes are too general to deal with particular problems effectively, and it is far better and much cheaper in the long run to work with a personal trainer

Dogs and puppies who have specific challenges relating to their breed can become very unhappy, misunderstood and very stressed. Working with a personal trainer who understands the needs of the breed will ensure that each dog reaches its full potential by working the dog in a specific way

Dogs and puppies who have attended dog classes but are still experiencing issues will benefit from a personal trainer who will be able to give undivided attention to the dog and its owner. The trainer will be able to get to the root of the problem quickly and put a system in place for the owner to follow

Dogs and puppies without ‘kennel cough’ vaccinations and un-vaccinated puppies means that classes are out of the question. These dogs can work with a personal trainer without waiting for vaccinations

Any dog, any age, any problem can be sorted out by a personal  trainer;  the package includes on-going training, follow up calls, call outs-if needed- and life time support* at no additional charge