The Training


Clare Dog Training will resolve most problems within a two-hour training session.  Many other problems are resolved after the owner begins to practice using new ways of communicating with their dog. All training comes with lifetime support which doesn’t stop until the owner is 100% satisfied.  The techniques use no treats, clickers or other gimmicks

Before we start training a dog or puppy, we have to decide why it was we wanted a dog in the first place. Companionship, exercise, fun and contentment; are all typical reasons. So it stands to reason that if owning a dog isn’t giving that experience and that either you or the dog is stressed, then there is work to be done here.

What we want is that any kind of nuisance behaviour is reversed through the training process so that the dog increasingly looks to its owner willingly for direction, rather than following its own default decision – so that your dog or puppy becomes a joy to own and to spend time with.

The typical approach to dog and puppy training is one size fits all, yet just like people, every dog is different. With personal training, you can jump straight to the problem and a programme can be made to suit your concerns and your dog’s needs. The programme is designed to help you with proper dog- communication-skills; bringing balance, establishing trust, and creating a deeper bond.

Typical concerns for the puppy are that they:

· have no systems in place

· bite and nip

· are destructive

· are too excitable and jumpy

· are hard to potty train

· are waiting for vaccinations, so can’t go to classes 

Typical concerns for the adult dog could be that they:

. run off and refuse to come back

· are aggressive towards strangers

· pull on the lead

· have separation anxiety

· get over excited and jump up

· run up to strangers and get over-friendly

· pace and show anxious nervous behaviours

. are destructive

. bark excessively

Typical concerns for certain breeds of dogs or puppies can include any of the above. Understanding the breed is especially important if the family is to achieve harmony. Clare Dog Training will teach you to maximise the potential for the breed and give strategies that will cater to the dog’s specific breed.

Some of these could be sorted out in a class, but many problems could be made far worse. Clare Dog Training will show you the right way to communicate with your dog, giving immediate results for you to integrate straight away.