Small negative early experiences for puppies, can really impact on their future behaviour.  When a puppy is given a positive experience, he won’t feel stress and he doesn’t develop behaviours which bring stress into the home. 

“With Philip’s puppy training, you’ll have the tools, knowledge and understanding. Everything is done with pure compassion.”


The Puppy Training Programme  is tailored to suit you alone. No two programmes are ever the same because your home circumstances will be totally different from anyone else’s and every puppy will have his own particular needs.

When Philip calls to your home, he shows the puppy the boundaries he needs to make him confident and gives you a full management plan from start to finish.

There is no need to wait for vaccinations. Training can begin straight away, and boundaries set from a very early age, making a massive difference in your home. The confident puppy settles in quickly and seamlessly and the management plan ensures that training continues throughout all of the puppy stages and into adulthood.

The Puppy Training Programme includes:


  • Toilet and crate training for puppies the fast and easy way, so that there are no more accidents in your home. Tackling toilet training from an early stage is extremely important and is easy once you know how. Problems usually occur when the owner has been misinformed. Getting it right from day one will remove stress for the owner and make for a happy puppy
  • Stop play biting and jumping  so you have a confident happy puppy who knows exactly what is expected, all his early experiences are positive, and you can relax when you have visitors
  • Start walking puppy on the lead with no pulling, straight away. Dog-walking instantly changes from a stressful chore to something you and your puppy look forward to doing, everyday
  • A safe 100% recall with just one command. Making sure your puppy comes back whenever you need him to, is one of the most important things you can teach your puppy from day one. Having the confidence that your puppy will respond to your command will be a game-changer for you both

“Everything that you need for your new happy puppy, the positive way”