Dog and puppy classes -V- Personal Trainer

Puppy classes and Behaviour classes are extremely popular, because the theory is that it helps dogs to socialise and it helps the owner to practice the skills with lots of distractions around.

However the main downside is that these classes can become very expensive over time;  many classes advertising different ‘levels’ of training as the dog proceeds from puppy - up to older dog.  

It may suit some owners, but it doesn’t really solve problems for anxious and nervous dogs. In fact it can make matters much worse. For puppies, small negative experiences can really impact on their future behaviour.

A much safer and cost effective alternative is the Personal Trainer

The big advantage of a personal trainer is that they are focusing on one dog or puppy and one owner. The dog is getting the trainers’ FULL attention and training can occur extremely quickly. Each dog will have its own specific issues and each owner will have their own particular need. A personal trainer can get to the root of these issues and needs straight away.

Many dogs and puppies may only require one or sometimes two sessions. Distractions are brought in gradually and socialisation issues are dealt with by putting a programme in place. The end result is a highly bespoke tool-kit for the dog and owner.

Philip gives a personal guarantee, with lifetime support* which doesn’t stop until the owner is 100% satisfied.